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Georgge Farms is an establishment based out of Chennai, India, that specializes in poultry and focuses on raising domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks. The eggs obtained from the birds in the farm are sold commercially. The produce from Georgge Farms can provide a healthy and an organic consumption option for egg-eaters in the locality.

The assets of the establishment include home-grown chicken and ducks that are raised with attention to minute details within a suitable infrastructure. The poultry in Georgge Farms is not fed synthetic food or substitutes or enhancers in any form and are only given organic food to eat.

The birds at Georgge Farm are kept in a stress-free environment and given utmost love and care. As a result, they produce fine tasting and nutrient-rich eggs.

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What we do?

Sale of eggs from free-range chicken

Chickens at Georgge Farms

Sale of free-range country chicken

Sale of rabbits

Sale of ducks

Trust and credibility

Georgge Farms is registered with the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME).

Why Georgge Farms?

  1. We believe in providing a stress-free environment for chickens. It results in better quality yields.
  2. We feed our birds/animals with chemical free food to ensure they maintain optimum health.
  3. The eggs are obtained naturally, i.e. they are laid under natural circumstances and are not artificially induced.