Rabbit poop as manure

First choose the supply of your rabbit manure. If your youngsters have pet rabbits, have them collect the rabbit’s waste day by day. If you already raise bunnies on your homestead, then what are you waiting for? Go begin assembling rabbit manure for the garden!

Collecting it’s comparatively straightforward, and everybody has their own “system.” one among the best strategies is to put plastic tubs beneath your rabbits’ cages and dump them out daily (don’t serve this – flies can lay eggs which is able to hatch into maggots – GROSS.)

You can dump them into a mound, or directly into your garden. If you haven’t planted something in your garden nevertheless, then until the rabbit manure to a 2-inch depth.

If your garden is already established, then facet dress your plants with the manure – it’s typically best to try to to this as your plants are flowering and setting fruit. They’ll would like all the nutrients they’ll get throughout that time!